Pay-Over-Time Plans That Are Simply For Everyone

      Some purchases just can’t wait for “someday.” Koalafi offers financing solutions to help more people get the things they need now, whether they have great credit, bad credit, or no credit.

      If you’re shopping, enjoy a hassle-free application and a payment plan tailored for you. If you’re selling, save time with our streamlined financing platform and open up a new world of loyal customers.

      Offer Koalafi
      For Businesses

      For Businesses

      Turn any shopper into a loyal customer

      Lots of people need your products or services, but think that what you offer may be out of their reach. Koalafi is on a mission to help your business turn those people into loyal repeat customers, and save you time and headache along the way.

      When you offer Koalafi, you’ll enjoy:

      • A single friction-free application
      • Pay-over-time plans tailored to your customer base
      • Online and in-store offerings, with turnkey marketing and API support
      • 24/7/365 support
      Offer Koalafi
      For Customers

      For Customers

      Getting what you need, when you need it, shouldn’t break your budget

      Koalafi’s loan and lease plans work for every credit situation - and let you split big expenses into low, fixed, recurring payments.

      With our comprehensive plans, you can say goodbye to guesswork or filling out multiple applications. We can even automatically approve you for future offers, with products that can meet your needs at every stage of your journey.

      How it works

      How’s your credit? Great, OK, not so good, or non-existent?

      Koalafi looks beyond credit scores. With us, you’re just a few quick steps from getting what you need. Apply from anywhere, get approved in seconds, and never miss out on another purchase.

      Shop now, pay later.

      Apply with Koalafi at one of our thousands of merchant partners to split big expenses into smaller, manageable payments.

      We review your application and set you up with a tailored payment plan.

      Share a few pieces of information and we'll instantly deliver a decision on a payment plan, with clear and upfront terms.

      Checkout and make easy payments

      With our high credit limits, you can get exactly the product or service you need. You’ll make convenient regular payments, with options to pay off early and save!

      Our Story

      Koalafi’s founders came together to solve a problem we’ve observed countless times. Financing options available to merchants were overly complex and left out too many people. Many customers were being told “no” or simply giving up, faced with too many applications or steps. Spread-thin merchants were juggling multiple systems, vendors, and data sources, while still leaving sales on the table.

      This broken process is what inspired our team to build a single point-of-sale platform with pay- over-time products and services for every type of customer. With a wide range of clear and simple products, Koalafi helps more people quickly get to yes. We’ve helped thousands of merchants nationwide make more sales, and helped their customers to finally dream bigger.

      We recently changed our name from West Creek Financial to Koalafi. Learn more.

      Our Values

      We are Transparent

      We are Transparent

      We create products that are clear, transparent, and easy to use

      We are Technologists

      We are Technologists

      We apply cutting edge technologies to solve problems

      We are Salespeople

      We are Salespeople

      We enjoy selling our product to retailers and consumers.

      Offer Koalafi

      Offer a tailored payment plan to every customer. Enjoy 24/7/365 support for your business from a financing platform that’s behind you and your customers all the way.

      Contact Us

      Give us a call—our team is here to help.

      Business Support

      • 24/7/365
      • 844.238.6500

      Customer Support

      • Monday - Friday 8:00am EST - 9:00pm EST
      • Saturday 8:00am EST - 8:00pm EST
      • 844.937.8275

      Customer Support

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